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Weekly software developer life stories to inspire you on your own journey

The Software Developers Journey podcast is an inspirational show for software developers. Every week, a successful software engineer shares their journey and tells us what they learned.

The host, Timothée (Tim) Bourguignon, is an experienced developer, engineering leader and interviewer who invites a diverse panel of colorful, successful, and inspiring guests to tell us their life story, their journey into software development and what they learned along the way.

Topics regularly discussed on the show

The Software Developers Journey podcast regularly covers topics like:

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What listeners say about the show

Thank you for a great year of interviews and content! The Dev Journey episode format really resonates with me. I am inspired by the stories of your guests. Each episode leaves me with a sense of possibility and optimism about my future as a programmer. I also appreciate some of the recurring themes: diversity, inclusion, mentoring, work-life balance. Elliot Barlas
Tim brings the best stories out of his guests. I am always surprised how I learned something new, while the guest is talking about a topic I thought does not concern me. This podcast is full of interesting people to learn from! Hristiyan Pehlivanov
You really feel like you’re around a campfire listening Tim and his guests talk about... the people who became developers and their stories. If you love story time, it’s for you! Patrick Leblanc

A few binge-worthy playlists

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🧑‍🎨 2nd (or 12th) career stories
👩‍💼 Leadership tales

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Find the complete list of all the episodes and all the guests who ever shared their stories on the Software Developers Journey podcast on our episodes page.

Meet the host, Tim Bourguignon

Tim with a DevJourney Sweatshirt Tim on stage pretending to be a medical doctor Tim panicking in the middle of a trail marathon

Tim Bourguignon was born and raised in France and now lives in Germany with his family. Tim Bourguignon has over 17 years of experience in the software industry. After a career as a software developer, he embraced leadership and has been leading people and technical teams since 2010. He embodied roles such as a software architect, team-lead, tech-lead, Scrum master, Agile & XP coach, engineering-manager, Chief Learning Officer, international public speaker and mentor. In his current role, he is the Vice-President of Engineering of the startup WeMaintain.

The origin story of the Software Developers Journey podcast

In 2014, after leading pre-screening interviewing for a customer, and rejecting every candidate they suggested, Tim started questioning his skills, sanity, and expectations. So he decided to interview successful developers he knew. He wanted to know what skills matter to them, what mindset attracts them, and what a successful developer might be. Their answers contained their life stories, and those were amazing. So he decided to record them. Thus, the Software Developers Journey podcast -or "DevJourney"- was born. What ensued was a series of interviews with developers from all over the world, series that opened his eyes to the diversity of paths and profiles our industry has to offer. Each journey is unique and has something to teach us. Come onboard and give it a try!

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