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What listeners say about the show

Thank you for a great year of interviews and content! The Dev Journey episode format really resonates with me. I am inspired by the stories of your guests. Each episode leaves me with a sense of possibility and optimism about my future as a programmer. I also appreciate some of the recurring themes: diversity, inclusion, mentoring, work-life balance. Elliot Barlas
Tim brings the best stories out of his guests. I am always surprised how I learned something new, while the guest is talking about a topic I thought does not concern me. This podcast is full of interesting people to learn from! Hristiyan Pehlivanov
You really feel like you’re around a campfire listening Tim and his guests talk about... the people who became developers and their stories. If you love story time, it’s for you! Patrick Leblanc

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About the host 👨‍🎤

Software Developer‘s Journey is hosted and produced by Timothée (Tim) Bourguignon, a crazy frenchman living in Germany who dedicated his life to helping others learn & grow. He particularly likes storytelling and crazy ideas. More about him at timbourguignon.fr, on Mastodon @[email protected] or on Twitter @Timothep!