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Hello, and welcome to developer's journey, the podcast bringing you the stories of successful software developers to help you your journey. And on this final episode of the year, I pursued the tradition of closing the year. On my It's time for an update on the story of this very podcast, the least I can say, What a crazy year back in December 2019. I knew 2020 would be fun. We had a baby on the way do you mid January, and House Renovation that was already delayed quite a bit, and you in June. So it was all before the world was turned upside down by the COVID pandemic. And I already knew it will be an interesting year. Our third child was born as expected. And we moved into our house and which was in a pretty much half finished state with depending on if you tend to be more the glass half full or glass and glass half empty kind would be bit more details the ground floor was finished literally days ago. So in December 2020. And as of today, only the second floor remains to be done. So it was an interesting construction time. On the pandemic side, the pandemic didn't hit my company too hard. We were lucky there. The German short work system helped us to breach the moment of shortage and, and we regained full employment soon after. So we were very, very, very lucky there. I personally welcome the the remote work with open arms, I had been waiting for that for a very, very long time. Pete was indeed exhausting. It wasn't completely remote work was remote working in pandemic, so you have to be air quotes on this. But I was expecting as well. So that was that was fine. I love the goal setting exercise, you know, the change that companies had to do, from butts in seats to really setting goals to really know what the employees are doing. And I really love this, this this idea, the necessary freedom. And the the trust became to me as has been affection and real you really loved it. And cherry on the cake seeing this third child grow multiple times, they was absolutely fantastic and heartwarming. I must say, I am not really looking forward to going back to the office and traveling to my clients in 2021. One interesting side effects was that I was able to record a dozen dev journey interviews during the day instead of late at night. And that was very, very refreshing. To remain on the podcast forum, we started the year with a new printing, you might remember this new logo and new colors. And one year later, I'm really happy. I invested in designer to watch this. There was a really, really good move. And I love local school and I love the flair of the podcast. That was really pretty cool. But I did a few other changes as well. One key aspect of the show is its spontaneity. I love when when questions come out of true curiosity. And when the reactions of both of myself and the guests are and the laughter is about really genuine. That Sade not being prepared is not for everyone. I really noticed that some guests didn't feel really at ease with this. I was doing my best to to help them there. But it wasn't really their piece of cake. So this year, I started asking the guests 10 questions to help them reflect on their journey beforehand. And this led to a few more monologues. That's true, but also to a few more interesting stories. So I think it was a it was a good move. And to go hand in hand with that I made a point of reformulating a bit more when the ciceri trying to interject some point say, hey, you meant this, or did you mean that. And beside this, I try to focus on deeper listening and letting the guests speak. And I really think it worked quite well, in giving the guests more space to tell their story how they wanted to, to do that. As a side note, I was able to reconnect with a dear friend, this year, Patrick, and that was, that was an unexpected and a very joyful moment. And I had a few deeper connections with a couple of guests with whom I shared very, very long and deep conversation since and this was, this was almost overwhelming, it was really, really fantastic. My main goal for the upcoming for last year was to increase the diversity off of the panels of guests I had. And with almost 40% women at the end of the year, 38 something if I count myself, the twist is as I did myself as as a guest, I did almost Okay, on this party front. That was that was pretty good. I was able to record quite a few stories from members of the LGBTQ community. And I got a few African and also south American developers. And that was that was also something I really wanted to do. Unfortunately, no one from Asia, and no one from Russia will have to work to fix this, to correct this next year, and continue in this nice direction. And this was all made possible thanks to the introductions made by a few listeners and a few and former guests. That was really, really helpful in being introduced to interesting developers and people. I really loved. Talking to thank you all again, and keeps those suggestions coming. It really, really helped me get through. Sometimes cold introductions are a bit hard. This year 2021. Beside continuing those efforts, I have one big goal and it is to increase the dialogue and the discussion with you. So I'm going to start with today. Please drop me a line, either email at info at the attorney info, or you can reach out on Twitter. My direct messages are open. I'm at Timothy, t i m o th e p, or directly dev journey FM on twitter at dev journey FM. Or you can also use the comments function on all the pages of our website. So for instance, the the page for this episode on our website, and let me know how you discovered the show. Tell me what you love about it. Describe what keeps you coming back. And and if you have some suggestions and improvements given to me as well please, please, please. So without further ado, we're off to a new year 2021, full of surprises of storytelling, and most of all, off human connections. Thank you all for being part of this journey. Thanks for your trust and for your kind words. And as always, do a friend a favor and share this podcast with him. Talk to you soon. Tim out