Tim Bourguignon 0:07
Hello, dear DevJourney listeners, today I don't have any guest interview for you. I asked myself for a long time if I should bring an interview today, or if I should let it be, and decided for the later. Today is an historic day for the United States of America, deciding who will be their next president. And we all know, as much as we would like it to be otherwise, it is an historic event for the whole world. The presidency of the United States has an impact on the whole world, and we are part of it. I think we are going to be submerged by media, tv-articles, it's going to be a mess on Twitter, we don't need another DevJourney today. That said, I wanted to leave you with a small story or small reminder. During my first job, I worked on automation. And it ended during the 2008 crisis with some layoffs. When I look back on that time, I don't remember the layoff, I don't remember the Rules Engine I built, I don't remember the unit-test I did or didn't write. What I remember are my colleagues, and the fun we had, he crunch phases and hard times we went through together. After that I worked in radiotherapy, curing cancer. I kind of remember the long nights, sometime the weekends. I remember the trips. But what I remember most are the patients or the technicians we helped, all those people who helped us help them. I've been in consulting ever since. I've been in hard projects. Projects with burnouts, where people are already fed up with the state of their software, and that's why they called us. I remember one particular project was very, very late. We created a very, very cohesive team. And we worked for 18 months really, really hard on it, bringing the software out. And it was never easy. But what I remember is the cohesion of the team, all those people who didn't want to quit, who wanted to stick together, because life was good together. Because it was fun. Because it was interesting. When you look back, you only remember the people. Whatever the outcome of this election, whomever you voted for if you are a US citizen, remember that the most important are the people. Whatever else there is, it's second. People are always first. And you cannot make a difference, there is no "us" and "them", it's only human beings. That is the most important, you have to keep this in mind. I already have three guests interviews in the box, which will be coming next week and the weeks after. So digest the result of the election. Let the frenzy cool-down and we'll see each other next week with a fantastic interview already, of a cyberpunk who deserves to be put in the in the spotlight. Have a great day and a good week. Talk to you next week. Bye bye.